PCS, Private Client Services
What is Private Client Services?

Private Client Services (PCS) allows me to quickly and easily create a private website just for you. This service will prove to be invaluable and save you time. 

Once you subscribe with your email address I will set up your PCS website. You will receive listings based on the customized individualized search parameters of your making.  

As matching listings are added or changed, you are instantly and automatically notified.

Once PCS is setup, a link to your private website is provided by email. You are automatically notified when new or changed listings are available.
When you have accessed the site and reviewed the listings, an automatic notification will be sent as any new listings are added or changes are made to the system. 

You will find this service saves you time. No more searching the entire MLS system looking for that special home. Just have me enter your search criteria and PCS takes care of the rest.
Ian Doe
Ian Doe
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